Technology Planning


The Foundation of the Library’s Mission in 3 parts

  1. What’s Involved in Technology Planning
  2. How to Conduct a Technology Assessment
  3. Preparing for Disaster

If you have the time, look at TechSoup for Library’s Six-Step Technology Planning Tool.

If you don’t have much time, you might check out TechSoup donation partner, Mobile Beacon’s What’s Involved in Technology Planning, which boils things down to three questions:

a. What does your group plan to do with computers in the next few months?
b. What can technology do for your organization now, six months from now, and a year from now?
c.How do you currently use technology? Dig into all the details: does everyone have access to the information they need, when they need it? What type of device is most practical — computer, tablet, or smartphone?


Features technology planning, including basic practices for inventory management (1) defining the library mission and vision, (2) creating goals and objectives, and (3) budgeting expenses. How to help lead your library into the future through effective planning.

Checklist for a Library Technology Plan

A Sample Technology Plan (pdf) – Knox

Featured in Implementing Technology Solutions in Libraries, by Karen C. Knox

TCO/TVO: Total Cost/Value of Ownership

Local Area Network (LAN) Assessment & Inventory

Staff & Equipment (Templates and Samples)

Staff & Hardware Assessment & Analysis

Staff Competencies

SWLS Core Competencies

Recommended and approved by the SWLS Board, October 2014

A Staff Self-Assessment Tool

Library Equipment Inventory Template 5-column format (Excel)

Library Equipment Inventory Sample A sample from one of the SWLS member libraries – 5-column format (Excel)

LAN Inventory Template – Knox original Horizontal format (Excel) of IT Inventory Template, by Karen C. Knox, author of Implementing Technology Solutions in Libraries

LAN Inventory Template – Based on Knox Vertical format based on IT Inventory Template, by Karen C. Knox (Excel)

Network Inventory Template Source:




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